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Leading Asian live entertainment company in creation, production and publishing of music, art and culture events.

KKLIVE is a leading Asian live entertainment company based in Taiwan. We are a highly passionate and experienced team dedicated to creating a one stop seamless service for clients looking to create the most vibrant live music experiences. We offer a range of fully integrated live entertainment solutions from conceptualization, brand development, production, ticketing, merchandising to venue operations.

As a member of the KKBOX Group, we are at the frontline of cutting edge technology, using data analytics and tools to bridge today’s online content experience into creating the unforgettable offline memories that target and resonate with audiences.

7 Fields

  • Concert
  • Exhibition
  • Awards
  • Forum & Seminars
  • Entertainment Event
  • Theater Arts
  • Athletic Event

5 Services

IP Creation

  • Long Hu Men Festival

  • Long Hu Men Festival

  • KKBOX Music Awards

  • Takagism Games

  • Takagism Games

  • Ghost House

We produce original music and entertainment activities and aim to extend to the Chinese-speaking regions. We create our unique value by presenting innovative contents with various types.


  • Summer Lei “Lost Sonatas” TICC Concert

  • Summer Lei “Lost Sonatas” TICC Concert

  • One-Fang “The Original Place” Concert

  • One-Fang “The Original Place” Concert

  • Bii “My Best Moment” Taipei Arena Concert

  • Bii “My Best Moment” Taipei Arena Concert

We provide program planning, stage, hardware, lighting, video, and other comprehensive suggestions and solutions for concerts, art exhibitions, award ceremonies, seminars, and etc.


AreaTaiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and China

DistributionConcert venue, Ticketing, Merchandise and Integrated Marketing

We have the most complete publishing platforms and have taken root in key Chinese-speaking cities. Through professional experiences and localized marketing, we effectively assist the awareness and distributions of events.

Brand Sponsorship

Sponsorship and Advertisement

Strategic Alliance

Through diversified marketing, advertising and product placement solutions, we connect brands with the image of music, lifestyle and even iconic artists.

Backstage Café

Cuisine, Wine, and Coffee

Music and Art Events / Space Leasing

We provide professional performance equipments and exhibition space. It’s also a new hub to develop music, art, and potential music creators.